Excel Starters


This excel file helps counselors tally the times that they met individually with students.  Using the sorting feature, counselors can sort the data by topic, grade, individual student or even the time.  This is a helpful tool for documentation.                                  <--Click on the sheet to download

                                                                  PRE-POST Test Calculator

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 7.38.04 PM

This excel file is a nice accompaniment for counselors who still use paper pre and post tests and need a way to quickly calculate the results.  This does require a considerable amount of data entry however does provide useful data for evaluation.   Click  to  download -->

Excel Cheat Sheet

Microsoft Excel has many features, formulas and calculations.  I created a one page sheet that shows you common formulas that school counselors may use in every day data analysis.  This will help you track behavior, attendance rates, calculate pre post tests and get you on track to being excel savvy!

<--Click on the sheet to download

                                                                      TIME TRACKER LITE

This is a scaled down version of the quarterly time tracker.  You can track your time using the old 4 system of delivery and do it on a weekly basis.  The time tracker work similar to the premium version just with out as many features and calculations.

<-- Click here to download


For more videos on Excel basics click here.

<-- Link to the PowerPoint

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