Social Skills Videos

Production of short videos has always been a fun way to apply skills learned in class.  Nowadays it is very easy to create videos with students to demonstrate the skills that they learned in a group or as a result of a lesson.   Creating a video does not occur out of thin air it occures as a a comination of planning, team work and of course good aplication.  Below you can download for free my story board and script writing template to use with your students.

Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 5.06.00 PM

Planning is a key skill to develop with students.  It is very tempting to just jump in to filming one the idea has been created; however, problems arise form sequencing, gaps in the story and timing.   The storybord and script templete is a great resourse to make sure the filming is done in an efficiant manner.   

Before any video is made, I require a complete storybord be submitted.  This story board becomes your check list of shots and assures gives students a scripte to practice from before filming is complete.  

Rules of thumb for creating an effective video about a skill are the following...              1: Introduce yourself.   2: Introduce the skill and describe the steps. 3: Give examples 4: State why it is important to use the skill.

Below you can see a video that was made using the story board/script process.  Storyboarding made the animation process easy. The students used the computer generated voices, following the script that they had created.  This video was created with GoAnimate.

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 10.01.19 AM

Apple has developed a mobile version of imovie for the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone which helps make movies easly in the classroom.  The app does cost 5.00 but is well worth the money.  Click on the star for more information about how to download the app.

GoAnimate is a free and paid service to create animated videos.   The free account does have limitations;however, still provides a great learning enviornment for application of skills. © Felipe R Zañartu 2013